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Edited Journal Issue

  • 2021. Asian Politics and Policy 13(1) -- Explaining identity formation in Greater Southeast Asia || with Joel Sawat Selway. [Link]


  • Accepted. "To Marry or Not to Marry? Gender and Interethnic Group Trust." Journal of Race and Ethnic Politics || with Sarah Shair-Rosenfield. [Link]

  • Accepted. "Cultural Constraints and Environmental Policy Implementation: Evidence from the Beijing License Plate Lottery." Quarterly Journal of Political Science || with Edmund J. Malesky [Link]

  • Accepted. "Linguistic Diversity in Media and State Language Proficiencies: Evidence from Hungarian Minority Regions in Central-Eastern Europe." Regional and Federal Studies || with Zsombor Csata, Betty Compton, and Attila Pap Z. [Link]

  • 2023. “Minority Language Recognition and Political Trust in Authoritarian Regimes.” Political Research Quarterly 76(2): 622-635 || with Jay C. Kao and Chun-Ying Wu. [Link] [Appendix]

  • 2023. “Ethnic Polarization and Human Development: The Conditional Effects of Minority Language Recognition.” Studies in Comparative and International Development ​|| with Zsombor Csata and Roman Hlatky. [Link

  • 2023. "Normalizing Diversity in Merit Review Forms." PS : Political Science and Politics 56(1): 123-127.|| with Michael G. Findley, David Leal, Raúl L. Madrid, Eric L. McDaniel, God’swill Osa, Tasha S. Philpot, Brooke Shannon, Zeynep Somer-Topcu, and Christopher Wlezien. [Link] [Data]

  • 2022. “Islands Apart: Explaining the Chinese Experience in the Philippines.” Frontiers in Political Science 4(May): 1-16.|| with Ethan Masucol and Jangai Jap. [Link

  • 2022. "The Framing Effects of Covid-19 Ethnic Intolerance: Evidence from Romania." East European Politics  38(4): 616-640.|| with Eoin L. Power and Meiying Xu. [Link]

  • 2022. “Presidential Electoral Cycles and Corruption Charges.” Journal of East Asian Studies 22(2): 281-307.  || with Joe Amick and Mlada Bukovansky. [Link]

  • 2022. “Pronoun Usage as a Measure of Personalization: A General Theory with Evidence from the Chinese-Speaking World.” British Journal of Political Science 52(3): 1258-1275. [Link] [Data]

  • 2022. “A Spatial-Based Explanation for Institutional Trust in Georgia: Evidence from the Maternal Healthcare System.” Journal of Eurasian Studies 13(1): 82-96 || with Medea Badashvili, Anastasiya Byelousova, Parth Gupta, Elise Pizzi, Michael Sanchez, Lela Shengelia, Mariana Unapkoshvili, Lyndsey Wang, and Katherina Wierschke. [Link]

  • 2021. “The Economic Effects of the Territoriality Principle: Evidence from Transylvania, Romania.” Language Problems and Language Planning 45(2): 165-187 || with Zsombor Csata, Roman Hlatky, and Ariel Pitre Young. [Link]

  • 2021. "Education Prioritization and Language Spread." Social Science Journal 58(3): 366-382 || with Brendan Apfeld. [Link]

  • 2021. “The Language of Legacies: The Politics of Evoking Dead Leaders.” Political Research Quarterly 74(3): 658-673 || with Caitlin Andrews-Lee. [Link] [Appendix] [Data]

  • 2021. "How to Head Count Ethnic Minorities: Validity of Census Surveys versus Other Identification Strategies." East European Politics 37(3): 572-592 || with Zsombor Csata and Roman Hlatky. [Link]

  • 2021. "Explaining Identity Formation in Asia.” Asian Politics and Policy 13(1): 1-12 || with Joel Sawat Selway. [Link]

  • ​2020. ​"Public Attitudes and the Chinese Migrants in Central-Eastern Europe.” International Migration 58(3): 118-133. [Link]

  • 2020. "Integration of the Ethnic Chinese in Europe: A Comparative Analysis of the Taiwanese and Migrants from China." Taiwan Journal of Democracy 16(1): 89-114. [Link]

  • 2020. "The Effects of Foreign Language Proficiency on Public Attitudes: Evidence from the Chinese-Speaking World.” Journal of East Asian Studies 20(1): 1-23 || with Yue Hu. [Link] [Appendix] [Corrigendum]

  • 2018. "Process-Tracing Research Designs: A Practical Guide." PS: Political Science and Politics 51(4): 842-846 || with Jacob I. Ricks. [Link] [Appendix]

  • 2018. "Language of Economic Growth: A New Measure of Linguistic Heterogeneity." British Journal of Political Science 48(4): 953-980 || with Elise Pizzi. [Link] [Data]

  • 2018. "Minority Languages in Dictatorships: A New Measure of Recognition." Political Science Research and Methods 6(4): 639-660 || with Jennifer Gandhi and Curtis Bell. [Link] [Data]

  • 2018. ​"Linguistic Origins of Gender Equality and Women's Rights." Gender and Society 32(1): 82-108 || with Sarah Shair-Rosenfield, Lindsey Vance, and Zsombor Csata. [Link] [Blog]

  • 2017. "The Hanification of Xinjiang." Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism 17(2): 265-280 || with Kevin Peters. [Link]

  • 2017. "Democracy and Minority Language Recogntiion: Tyranny of the Majority and the Conditional Effects of Groups. " Democratization 24(3): 544-565. [Link]

  • 2017. "The Isolation of of Chinese Migrants in Eastern Europe: Survey Data from Bulgaria, Croatia, and Hungary." Journal of Chinese Overseas​ 13(1): 31-47. [Link]

  • 2017. "Trust and the Recognition of Commercial Lingua Francas: Russian Language Laws in Post-Soviet Countries." Economics and Politics 29(1): 48-68 || with Megan Roosevelt and Sarah Wilson Sokhey.​ [Link]

  • 2017. "Ethnic Identity and Attitudes toward State Institutions: Evidence of Judicial Legitimacy Among the Indigenous in Latin America.” Politics, Groups, and Identity || with Erin Huebert. [Link]

  • 2016. "Using Linguistic Networks to Explain Strength of Intellectual Property Rights." World Development 87(November): 128-138 || with Thomas R. Cook. [Link]

  • 2015. "Minority Language Recognition and Trust: Evidence from Twenty-Five Democracies." Taiwan Journal of Democracy 11(2): 113-138 || with David S. Brown and Meghan H. Dunn. [Link]

  • 2015. "Incorporating Native American History into the Curriculum: Descriptive Representation or Campaign Contributions?" Social Science Quarterly 96(40): 955-969 || with Raymond Foxworth and Anand Edward Sokhey. [Link]

  • 2015. "Lingua Mercatoria: Language and Foreign Direct Investment." International Studies Quarterly 59(2): 330-343 || with Moonhawk Kim, Kim-Lee Tuxhorn, David Brown, and David Leblang. [Link] [Op-Ed in Chinese]

  • 2014. "Immigrant Threat and National Salience: Understanding the 'English-Official' Movement in the United States." Research and Politics 1(1): 1-8 ||with Anand Edward Sokhey, Joshua Kennedy, and Annie Miller. [Link] [Data] [Blog]

  • 2014. "Linguistic Competition and Education Spending in Spain 1992-2008." Social Science Journal 51(1): 139-147 || with Donald Beaudette and Andrew Kirkpatrick. [Link]

  • 2012. "Linguistic Recognition as a Source of Confidence in the Justice System." Comparative Political Studies 45(10): 1203-1229 || with Vanessa Baird. [Link]

  • 2012. "Nation-Building, Collective Identity, and Language Choices: Between Instrumental and Value Rationalities." Nationalism and Ethnic Politics 18(3): 269-292 || with William Safran. [Link]

  • 2012. "Coalitions and Language Politics: Policy Shifts in Southeast Asia." World Politics 64(3): 476-506 || with Jacob I. Ricks. [Link]

  • 2011. "Linguistic Effects of Political Institutions." Journal of Politics 73(1): 125-139. [Link] [Appendix]

Book Chapters

  • 2020. "Democracy and Minority Language Recognition." In Oxford Bibliographies in Political Science, Sandy Maisel, eds., New York, NY: Oxford University Press || with Mike Medeiros. [Link]

  • 2017. "Loving the Money but not the Migrant: Hungarian Attitudes toward the Chinese." In China's Rise and the Chinese Overseas, Bernard Wong and Chee-Beng Tan, eds., New York, NY: Routledge. [PDF] [Book Link]

  • 2015. "The Politics of Language Regime Choice: Comparative Analysis of Southeast Asia." In State Traditions and Language Regimes, Linda Cardinal and Selma Sonntag, eds., Montreal, QC: McGill-Queens University Press. [PDF] [Book Link]

Accepted. "Minority Language and Political Trust in Authoritarian Regimes.” Political Research Quarterly || with Jay C. Kao and Chun-Ying Wu [Link] [Appendix]
Accepted. "Normalizing Diversity in Merit Review Forms." PS : Political Science and Politics || with Michael G. Findley, David Leal, Raúl L. Madrid, Eric L. McDaniel, God’swill Osa, Tasha S. Philpot, Brooke Shannon, Zeynep Somer-Topcu, and Christopher Wlezien. [Link] [Data]